Purpose, Live for Today

Goal: Make the Most of Each Day

Originally posted on LinkedIn on 8/13/15

Growing up we got the newspaper delivered each day – it was the only way to find out what was going, besides watching news on one of three (yes, 3) major networks on TV. Wow – how times have changed!  I remember being small and watching my parents read the obituaries every morning, and I always thought how odd to look so intently at that section.

There was a sitcom, can’t remember which one, that made fun of that ritual. As I grew older and got my own newspaper subscription, guess what? I too, read the obituaries. I’m not sure what went through my parents mind, for me it was two thoughts. First, was sadness for the loss and emptiness the family of the departed must be feeling. Second, my mind would wander as I imagined what that person had done with their life. Where they happy with all they’d accomplished? Did everything go as planned, or was there some major shift or road bump that changed the trajectory of their life beyond what they first imagined?

Today, the news comes at me from various online channels – and the obituaries aren’t something I think about. I learn of the passing of family and friends through phone calls and social media, the comments and condolences painting the picture of how others saw that person’s life. I’ll still sometimes wonder … what did that person think of their life’s path? There are the personal dreams and wishes we have, the spiritual, the professional ….  it’s complex and often intertwined. It does give me pause, and forces me to reflect – am I doing things each and every day that matter, and are aligned with the vision I have created my life?

What about you – are you clear on your vision of purpose and making the most of each day?