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25 Lessons I’ve Discovered As A Business Coach

Over the years I’ve been fortunate to help grow and lead many teams at lots of different companies, before I went out on my own as an entrepreneur and business coach. There have been great highs, and a few disappointing setbacks along the way. Of course, I wouldn’t change a single experience or relationship – and treasure each and every step in the journey. The result is my own list of 25 Lessons I Discovered as Business Coach, which I happily share here today. Many of them, if not all, apply whether you are starting your own business, or taking on a role leading a team inside an existing firm. I’m sure a missed a few … so let me know what else you might add!

  1. It will always take longer to get “there” than you want it to
  2. Not everyone who says they want to come along for the ride really means it
  3. You will absolutely under-estimate the amount of “X” you need to accomplish your goal, no matter how carefully you plan
  4. No matter what you are an expert in, you’ll need help – find advisors to support throughout the process
  5. Thank you is never said enough
  6. I appreciate you is never heard often enough
  7. I’m sorry is always ok to admit to your clients – everyone is human
  8. When you find great people, take the risk and hire quickly
  9. When people don’t fit, separate with dignity
  10. Treat your vendors as partners, you’ll need favors
  11. Treat you clients like gold, you’ll need forgiveness
  12. Make time for friends and family – they’ll be around long after your business
  13. Don’t forget your health, you may not get another chance
  14. Failure is part of learning, be humble enough to learn from it
  15. Take time to celebrate the wins, even when small
  16. Never lose sight of your WHY
  17. If it becomes about the money, your doing the wrong thing
  18. If you have to ask if it’s the right thing to do, the answer is NO
  19. If your not crazy in love with what you do, STOP
  20. Yes, there really is always another way
  21. Never, ever settle
  22. Mom taught you the word please for a reason, use it
  23. You should never be the smartest person in the room
  24. Naps and hugs are good
  25. Laugh more in a day than any other emotion