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Keynotes, breakout sessions, panel moderation and small group facilitation – Nicole is your go-to person. Nicole has been a speaker and trainer for over two decades, and is happy to create special content to match the theme of an event or target a specific need of your group. Check out some of her most popular titles from the last several years below, or ask her to create something custom for just for you!

Leverage Your Purpose to Drive BUSINESS Results

What’s the secret sauce that helps some businesses create amazing results, have highly engaged teams, and raving fans for customers? It starts with the CEO / Founder having a clear purpose and vision — one which is shared throughout the company. Whether you are currently leading your team, or getting ready to launch a new business, learn how hire and build your team around a set of shared values and create a compelling vision for where you are all heading together. 

Moving from ordinary to extraordinary

It’s all to easy to allow routine to push us into accepting ordinary – when the ability to be extraordinary is truly within reach! Get focused on what matters most to you, and walk aways from what isn’t of value, so you move into the life of excellence you deserve. 

  • Learn how to turn the “I can’t” voice in your head into your personally cheerleader
  • Tap into powerful morning mindset routines
  • Maximize outcomes with visualization


Great Workplace Cultures & Purpose: Attracting & Keeping the Best Talent

We spend a crazy amount of time at work – and study after study tells us that most people are completely disengaged and unhappy with that time! If you are building a company, or already have a business and want to take it to the next level … learn how and what it takes to have a workplace that people are excited to be a part of. More importantly, learn how to hire the right people the first time. (And no, it isn’t about free lunches and games!) In this interactive session we will talk about what highly engaged workplaces do to get it right, and how even the smallest of companies can attract and retain top talent. Bring your questions, and be prepared to walk away with action items you can immediately implement.



Our clients are the life-blood of our business – and competition to win each new client is fierce. As a business owner it is critical to understand how to engage the right clients, keep them actively involved, and have them coming back for more. In this fast-paced session we will uncover best practices for:

  • Creating happy and satisfied clients
  • Learning “when to hold them and when to fold them” (go ahead, sing the song… we know you want to)
  • Using email, social media, and other technology to fit every budget
  • Recovery do’s and don’ts


Looking to maximize your results? Want to know the secret for making things happen 10x faster than they have it the past? It is all about process. Everything we do with any level of success can be broken down into a simple system which can then be repeated and perfected. In this session we’ll look at how I took the practice of drills and visualization from my time in sports to consistently create successful businesses as an entrepreneur.

The Power of Networking

New to networking? Don’t like getting out there and meeting people? Building your network and learning how to leverage it are critical skills for the entrepreneur. Whether you are just starting out or been in the game for a long time, how you build and use your network can be a game changer. Your network is an extension of your brand – if you learn to use it right! Discovery how to get started, critical do’s and don’ts, and leave with immediate actions you can take right away.

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