Where We Came From

After an early career with top names in the retail industry on the operations side of the house, Nicole pursued her passion for people and process as an HR leader with several companies across professional services and business solutions. Eventually she landed with a start-up in the human capital and technology space, where she would be for over a decade as a Senior Executive. Since leaving in 2013, she has flexed her own entrepreneurial muscles, founding both this consulting practice along with a small retail bakery. During the last several years her passion has been firmly planted working both directly for, and on a consulting basis, with individuals and businesses of various sizes to help them define their path, create a plan, and develop the systems to achieve their goals.


At Nicole Spracale Consulting, we love projects of all shapes and sizes. Strategy, marketing, people systems, process … we can’t wait to discuss if we might be the right partner for you. And the good news, if we’re not, we have great resources to refer you to. Ready to start a conversation?

Our mission statement

To help business owners and leaders move from the founder/manager mindset to a CEO mindset so that they can scale and grow their company and leave a legacy for their employees, clients, vendors, families, and themselves.

Our Best Client Fit

We seek to work with entrepreneurs, executives and leaders who are brave enough to go out on the skinny branches; demanding that each day is better than the day before; and are insatiable in their quest to grow and learn.

Our Core Values

Heart: We work to align the heart, mind and soul for success.

Purpose: We want to help others to achieve their fullest potential.

Learning: We freely admit we don’t know what we don’t know – always want to learn more.